Air Fried Ravioli

Comfort Food. For some people, this means fried chicken, mashed potatoes, greens, cornbread, chocolate… But for me, it means one thing, and one thing only: Deep fried stuffed with cheese. At least once a week, my co-workers hear me say that I want something deep-fried stuffed with cheese. This could be to celebrate a good day or provide comfort on a bad day. It doesn’t matter. Whenever I have something deep fried stuffed with cheese, my day gets a little bit better.

Saturday night I needed some comfort food. I had a rare moment of the house to myself. My cleaning was done. I wanted to relax, eat, and watch Fuller House on Netflix. As I reached for the chinese delivery menu, I suddenly remembered that, in a moment of pure, pre-meditated genius, I picked up a package of refrigerated spinach and cheese ravioli at the store a few days before.

Quickly I went to to work, pulling out just 4 simple ingredients: Ravioli, eggs, bread crumbs and cooking spray. AND of course, my Versonel Air Fryer.

1-IMG_20160227_201346_472 (2)


Just give the eggs a quick whisk, the air fryer a quick spray, and you are ready to dunk your ravioli in the egg bath, cover them with bread crumbs and pop them in your air fryer.

400 degrees, 5 minutes per side. And presto:


Grab some sauce with some fresh grated Parmesan, and you have yourself a plate of awesomeness. AND since it was air fried, and not deep fried like this recipe traditionally calls for, you can eat few extra and not feel bad 🙂



What are you waiting for? These air-fried raviolis could be a reality in just a few days, if your order your air fryer TODAY!


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